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29 Ways to Make Your New Business/Product Launch Parties Unforgettable

Luisa MeloniMarketing & Sales Intern

Luisa Meloni,

Marketing & Sales Intern

Oct 02, 2021

A launch party is a great opportunity to generate buzz about your product and show it off to potential customers. The key to organizing a successful one for your organization is having a thoughtful plan.

If you're looking for a unique launch party idea, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find a tailored guide to host a successful business or product party, with creative ideas and tips to make it even more memorable.

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Decide The Purpose of Your Launch Party Event

Before every event, knowing exactly why you are hosting it in the first place is vital to its success. You should be aware of how can your product make a significant impact on your market and the value it can offer. If you focus on having the right answers to these questions, the party will automatically have a different connotation. Also, your guests can appreciate it more if you pursue your event goals.

Choose a Strategic Location

To give a better overall experience to your guests, choose a venue that would be memorable for your event. However, it’s also important to avoid focusing too much on the event venue. If the venue outshines the event’s purpose and the product, guests will only talk about the location.

The main elements to consider when choosing a venue for an important event are the ambiance, the location, and the services and amenities. Pay attention to the decoration and style you want to adopt if you want your venue to match your desired feeling for your event.

The location of the event shouldn’t be too far away from the guests’ homes or workplaces. You should consider traffic and transportation and always provide further directions and signals to locate the event.

Finally, look for the services and amenities available. Check if the venue has a kitchen, chairs, tables, or a cleaning crew you can use to clean up the event when it ends.

Consider The Capacity

Quality over quantity applies in events and parties as well. Keep your event exclusive by taking care of the guest list. Select the most important and influential people that would be interested in investing in your product and leave the other people behind. By doing this, you will create an audience that is genuinely interested in what you offer. What’s more, you can surely enhance the party vibe and make everyone feel extra special.

Choose a Theme For Your Launch Party

If your new product is creative and inspirational, your party should be too. One way of making a party unique is to choose a theme to build it party around. This will boost event engagement and guests will be more interested with your product.

Go For Simple and Clear Invitations

You don’t need to be fancy when it comes to invitations. Even if it’s the first interaction between the company and the guests, it’s better to keep it simple and concise. This doesn’t mean that you cannot be creative: use the same themes and colors that you will be using at your party for your invitation cards.

Target Your Audience and Choose the Right People

As previously said, when organizing an important event such as a launch party, you need to keep in mind who your target audience is. You want to invite the right guests to create a circle of people interested in your business or startup. Furthermore, exclusivity will level up an event and set the ground for expanding professional network with other guests as well.

Welcome Your Guests at the Door

Making a great first impression on the guests is fundamental to develop meaningful relationships. Welcome them in a warm and memorable way by offering them drinks and food at the front door. In this way, you will set a great mood for your product launch and get people to eat and drink straight away. This simple yet effective courtesy will break the ice and give a good first impression to the audience.

Entertain Guests With Sound

Do you want to give a good vibe and atmosphere to your business launch party? Choose a specific type of music and play it at the right time to set the tone of the event. The best music genre will set the perfect atmosphere at the beginning and can energize the guests during the after-party.

Create Anticipation and Suspense

Be the number one fan of your product. Create buzz around it to excite others. You invested a lot of time and money in it, and the whole purpose of the event is to be able to sell the product.

To do that, show your product to a targeted audience that is most likely to want and appreciate it. Build hype so that your guests know what you are anticipating and can to get to know it better at the launch party.

Take Advatange of Social Media

Social media become your best friend when it comes to promoting product launch events . They are free to use, and people can share your posts creating a positive word of mouth and buzz around the party.

Keep your posting schedule constantly updated throughout all the events and encourage guests to do the same. By doing this, you will bring real-time visibility by showing your posts and what’s currently happening at your event.

Decide a Hashtag For Your Event

If you want to create even more buzz around your product and raise awareness about it, you should use hashtags on social media like Instagram and Twitter.

Encourage your attendees to post pictures and content with the event’s hashtag. By doing so, you can ensure that all the published event content is under a single hashtag.

After the event, customers interested in your business launch party will be able to see everything that happened at the event and more only by clinking the hashtag.

Use Emails to Spread the News

If you want a simpler and more traditional approach to promote your event, you can always spread the news using emails. Furthermore, this is still one of the most effective tools to promote an event or a launch party.

Start organizing an email campaign where you let your guests know what’s coming and including media content to hype up the whole event. You might as well have promotions to encourage people to sign up for your event.

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Organize Live Demos

This party symbolizes the realization of your business and products, but at the same time, you need to remember that it’s also an opportunity for you to showcase your product to your guests.

Make a space in your event where people can try the product themselves and set up a demonstration on how to use it properly. This will make your guest more interested, as well as gain knowledge on how it works. You could potentially gain new consumers and make them loyal consumers.

Give a Speech

One of the most important parts of your launch party idea is to give a speech and thank everyone for their presence at the event. This gesture will be appreciated and considered as a sign of gratitude for the guests. Keep it simple and short, introduce yourself, your brand, and why you are hosting the launch party.

You can also describe what to expect from the event. After this, show gratitude and appreciation for the people who choose to engage and show up to the party. This will allow people to understand that their support is essential for the company and that their presence is significant.

Organize In-Event and Post-Event Networking Opportunities

An event is always a great place to extend your network connections. Guests can get to know each other, exchange business cards, and even share opinions about your product. You can build relationships with your audience, which could potentially be beneficial for the future, either for you or for them.

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This networking tool lets you take traditional face-to-face networking to the next level, but still getting the same experience. Also, aside from having the opportunity to connect with people during the event, you can also exchange digital business cards with other attendees.


Involve Your Guests and Keep Them Entratained

Party is the best form of entertainment, that’s why you should get your guest involved in your party. You can simply do it with the music played by a band or a DJ.

Another great way to engage your guests and inspire them to try your product is to bring in keynote speakers. This last one is one of the best methods to allow your guests to understand your business and your products fully. They would even get more invested to potentially buy it if they try it first.

Offer Photo Booths to Guests

Photography captures wonderful moments and keeps them fresh in people’s minds. So why don’t you use photos at your product launch party?

Take advantage of your venue and install photo booths, photo walls, and beautiful decorations where guests can take pictures and post them on their social media.

While guests enjoy taking and sharing their pictures, you could get free advertising for your business, new products, and event.

Swag Bags, Gifts and Giveaways

Who doesn’t love gifts? At the end of your party, if you want it to go off with a bang, make sure to give out gifts to your guests.

Small, meaningful gifts will always be appreciated. They are a way to say ‘’thank you for coming’’ to attendees. Plus, they don’t represent a big expense to the overall budget, and they are worth it if they are useful and reusable.

If you want something simple, you could choose swag bags, chocolates, or something practical like a notebook. Pick something recyclable as well, and your guests will appreciate it even more.

Give Promotional Items

This party is your chance to get to know new people but mostly to grow your business and increase your brand awareness. Take advantage of the party to distribute unique promotional items that will help you increase sales.

Collaborate with Great Speakers and Influencers

Partnering with professional speakers and influencers will make sure to bring a meaningful experience to your event. They should choose the most beneficial and interesting topic for the audience, so that it would be pleasing for the guests to hear the speech as well.

Get Creative With Color

Even if you are on a strict budget this shouldn’t stop you to play with colors and give your events a bit of creativity. One simple way to do this is choosing a main color theme for your event and run by it decorating your venue and asking your guests to dress accordingly. You can use your brand colors if you are in doubt.

Implement Vignettes In Your Event

Making your guests feel welcome is very important in a business launch event, and that's where Vignettes come in. Vignettes can mean a variety of things: they can be cards, gifts, guest book tables, and cute little signs. It’s aesthetically appealing to see all of these at your event, especially when they resonate with the venue and the event style. They may not be essential, but they’re surely a great creative idea to keep your party cool and visually beautiful.

Make Your Team Be at The Center of Attention

The importance of a teamwork should never be taken for granted. usiness/product launch party a success, and they should be recognized for that. To thank them and give them recognition, organize a video to play in the event where you show the long process of building and working on the final product. Add music and virtual effects and let them play during the whole event on various screens. Your team will really appreciate it but also your guests will be able to recognize the hard work behind the final product.

Be Creative With Your Food

Food impacts people's perceptions and feelings. Consequentially, it will be one of the most essential elements to take care of in your event. Why not play with it and serve it in creative ways? You can make people happy and satisfied by organizing an event with good catering. Even if you are on a low budget, you can always find creative ways to enrich your banquet and leave a good impression on your guests.

Play with the Dessert

Dessert is the perfect ending to a great event, whether it is a big corporate event or a small reunion. You will definitely want some unique event desserts for your guests, and that can be donuts, cookies, cupcakes, or brownies . Be ready to serve freshly baked and innovative desserts for each client to end their evening in the best and sweetest way.

Create an Indie Bookstore

If you want to level up your event, you can even create an indie bookstore . You could add soft seating and small tables with beverages so that people can sit and have a conversation. Add some coffee and tea to the tables and fill the area with books that guests can take home.

Finish Your Event With a Grand Finale

Aim to create an exciting and impressive event ending that your guests won’t forget. A grand finale is not always about a music event. You need to offer meaningful experiences that emotionally connect with your guests. Organize a final photoshoot with all the guests or hold a small lottery where they can pay a small amount of money to win a prize. By doing any of the two, you will get your guests involved and stay until the end of the launch party.


List of Event Production Companies That Are Experienced in Making Your Launch Party Event Truly Memorablee

Endless Events

endless events homepage

Endless Events is specialized in providing their production and event technologies to other organisations. They offer virtual, in-person, and hybrid events, following you every step of the way. They can help you to run your event more smoothly and efficiently by using technology. If you are looking for a great company to partner with, choose Endless.

Beckon Entertainment

beckon entertainment homepage

Beckon Entertainment focuses on running the event logistics and making it a success. It also takes care of logistical management, talent buying, artist acquisition, festivals and event operations.

21st Century

21st century events homepage

21st Century has been working in the event industry for more than 28 years. It is specialized in delivering meaningful and unforgettable experiences to companies and guests.

360 Destination Group

360 destination group homepage

360 Destination Group can competely transform your usual event to a unique and entertaining. They personally take care of everything to help you give the best impression to your audience.

Activent Marketing

activent marketing homepage

Activent Marketing is an experimental marketing agency that offers award-winning solutions to clients. It's also recognized as one of the most influencial companies in the event industry.

Launch Party Examples From Companies That Aced It


LUXICoach is a company that gives mothers some guidance into the business world and teaches them how to be ambitious and happy, while balancing their personal and working life. They hosted their launch party in a lake house, taking care of all the details herself. Their best advice would be to not focus too much on the details, find the purpose of the event and how you want to make people feel.

End + Stems


End + Stems’ goal is mainly to take care of the environment. It offers an app that plans your meals to reduce food waste. During the app’s launch, they decided to host a launch business party in a clubhouse, from 2-4 pm. Their best advice about launching business parties would be to set a budget when organizing a creative and fun event. Also, you should focus all your attention on your guests and how they would feel about the event.

Noggin Oil


Noggin Oil is a hair-care company in Los Angeles that held its launch party in an original way, offering only vegan food and vegan wine that would match their vegan air products. They had DJs, hairdressers and VIPs. Their best advice on hosting product launch parties would be to tailor the guest list scrupulously and invite people that are truly interested in your product.



TEEF is a company that takes care of dog dental care. In the past, it organized a product launch of 150 people and their dogs. According to them, they had a blast meeting new pets and participating in the event that united everyone. Their best advice would be to start planning in advance and show your products in a fun way to the audience since they will most likely be your next customers.

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